About Us

Our company has a history that dates back to 1893. Originally established as the Ohio Truss Company, it gradually evolved into Surgical Appliance Industries and then later SAI Therapeutic Brands.

The PCP division of SAI was established in the 1950s as a specialty manufacturing enterprise focused on providing high quality medical equipment for contract customers. Over the ensuing years PCP experienced phenomenal growth as it expanded into retail-friendly home medical equipment, specifically mobility products, bathroom safety equipment, support pillows and cushions, and in-home convalescent accessories.

Today PCP stands as one of the major categories under the SAI Therapeutic Brands umbrella, offering a sensible mix of products for home convalescence, and to help restore individuals to an active, independent lifestyle.

PCP also specializes in business-to-business private label and custom metal fabrication. For a look at our capabilities in this area, please visit pcpmetalworks.com.